Here at Omegayksi, we’re always interested in alternative modes of healthcare. Recently, an interesting news article was published concerning the healing power of being in one of our many Finnish forests. We often hear of the wellbeing of being in nature, and how a simple walk can do wonders for our mental health. Psychological research has indicated that exposure to nature can be associated with a myriad of benefits, including improved attention, lower moods and a better overall mood. Whilst most research has focused on the benefits of green spaces, such as parks or forests, there has also been increased research on the benefits of blue spaces, such as ocean and river views. Finland is exponentially lucky to have access to both green and blue spaces with forests and lakes, both of which are often found in close proximity to one another.

In Finland, this mode of healthcare has been taken into consideration, to the extent that it led to the Finnish operating model Health Forest. Have you heard of this before? If not, I urge you to check it out, under the name terveysmetsä.  The health forest model was created by the Health Forest Project, and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. It did not emerge haphazardly and out of nowhere, but in fact involves specialists, including medical doctors and research. It is clear that work went into ensuring that this project is based on something profound! A practical implementation of this project includes taking patients from healthcare centres on guided forest walks as a part of their treatment. Patients have responded positively to this 🙂

The biologist Adela Pajunen has developed activities for these patients, including on this walk can include listening to streams, watching snowflakes or simply observing the infinite number of living things one can find, indulging in the systems of nature, including birth and death. Following these grounding activities, patients reported feeling especially less stressed. Just reading about it encourages me to be more mindful, putting my screen down once in a while and connecting myself to the nature around me. More than 75% of Finland’s land area is covered with forest, meaning that this natural resource is at our fingertips! Let’s go out and make use of it!

Improve yourself today, but also consider this activity for your limited loved ones, who may have the ability to partake in a nature retreat, but need that extra assistance to enjoy it. At Omegayksi, our carers are up to this task, at your request. Our carers can ensure that in addition to other home care services, your loved ones are taken on enlightening nature walks to allow them to connect to the nature around them. 

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The Healing Power of Forests

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